Children’s Officer information

As Children’s Officer of Longford County Board, I would like to welcome all children from all clubs of Longford to the playing fields of the county, I hope your experience training and playing with your club is full of fun, pride and honour and respect. Have fun learning the skill of playing football and most of all playing with each other. Take great pride and honour representing your club in participating in the various competitions, i.e. go go games, all schoolboy/girl games and all underage games, GAA camps or Scór and be proud in wearing your club colours.

The most important aspect is taking part and having a sense of belonging, we all have to learn to win, lose and draw.

Remember it’s a great honour to represent your club regardless of winning or losing. Of course a win is always exciting and to lose is disappointing but such is life and we raise our heads up again and look forward to what opportunity is ahead of us.

I ask the children of the county to give great respect to the coaches/mentors involved in giving your training, whatever age group you’re in. The coaches/mentors give their time freely to prepare you for the various football/hurling/camogie matches and these are busy people with work to go to, and families to rear and they have put themselves forward for the good of their club and in wanting to pass on skills to make your time involved with the GAA worthwhile. Respect your coaches by being on time, having your necessary gear and don’t give cheek when you’re asked to do something, Always remember ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when requesting or receiving something from your coach. Respect your fellow players and opposition and club grounds/clubrooms, Shake hands to meet again.

Keep warm in the cold spell of weather; get out of wet clothes as soon as you can.

Be careful in the sunshine that your parents put sun screen on so you won’t get burned and that you have water to drink. If in the event you feel unwell at any stage at training or at a match, make sure you say it to your coach/mentor and help will be got for you. Remember a coach is busy in training. Don’t be shy in saying how you feel.

Never be afraid to say why you can’t get to training/game or you have no lift; people will do their best to help you. Always remember your mammy, daddy or grandparents for organising to get you to trainings/ matches.

We cannot forget the man that blows the whistle the referee. We must accept there are rules and regulations in a game that must be adhered to and the referee is following those guidelines in as fair a manner as possible; no referee no games.

Look out for each other, enjoy your young years, play safe and have fun.

Yours in sport,

On behalf of Longford County Board

Marie Ni Raghallaigh Cianain (CHILDREN’S OFFICER) Link: Information to all parents