CLG An Longfort statement in support of LCRL retention

Statement of Longford County Board GAA in support of the retention of Longford Community Resources Ltd (LCRL) in the delivery of Local Development Programmes.

At a recent meeting of Longford County Board GAA the matter of the future delivery of community and rural development programmes by Longford Community Resources Ltd was discussed in light of proposed Government changes in a process known as ‘alignment’ under the Local Government Act 2014. Longford County Board GAA through its 24 affiliated Clubs (having a total membership of almost 6000) offers its unanimous support for the retention and delivery of these programmes in their present format by Longford Community Resources Ltd. Longford Community Resources Ltd currently implements local community work placement programmes such as Tús and Rural Social Scheme which support the employment of people in various GAA clubs throughout county Longford. These jobs deliver a range of benefits to our clubs including playing field, grounds and club house maintenance – all of which has proven invaluable to the day to day operations of our clubs. Many local GAA clubs and indeed Communities have also received significant Rural Development funding through the LEADER Programme implemented by Longford Community Resources. This funding has assisted local clubs in developing car parks, walking tracks and local festivals which has had a positive effect on GAA participation levels within the county. Our Clubs expressed the desire that Longford Community Resources Ltd should remain the designated organisation to design and deliver local development strategies for the Rural Development Programme (LEADER), Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme and the Tús and Rural Social Scheme. As outlined in the various activities above, they have been a great support to the development of GAA activity across County Longford. We have built up a strong working relationship with the experienced team of workers within Longford Community Resources and we look forward to continuing our work together in the future. In conclusion Longford County Board GAA would like to offer our full support for the retention of Longford Community Resources Ltd as it has a proven track record in the delivery of local, community and rural development programmes.