Coaching Resources


The GAA has developed a standardised warm-up programme called GAA 15. This can be used for all age groups. Here is a demonstration video.

Further information is available at this link on the GAA Learning website.

Football Skills

To get a breakdown of each skill, check out the videos on the Football skills page of the GAA Learning site. Just scroll down and click on any of the small pictures for guidance on how to coach a skill.

For example, click on The High Catch to see videos of the skill in action plus teaching resources, From a coaching perspective, we strongly recommend careful viewing of the teaching points videos. Some sample drills are also provided.

Session Planning




For guidance on planning sessions, the Activity Planner on the GAA Learning Site is a great resource. We recommend that all coaches take time to browse through these activities.

To get started, click on the Football menu and then you can filter by Age/Grade on the left or by Skill type by ticking the box. To view any of the activities, just click View Activity and then we recommend viewing the video demonstration. These activities can be adapted by coaches for any age group.