County Health & Well-being – July Bulletin

County Health & Well-being Committees – July Bulletin

What’s in this months Bulletin…
  • County Health & Wellbeing Committee Action Plans: 6 Month Review
  • Liability Insurance for Clubs
  • Healthy Clubs Update
  • Dates for your Diary

County HWC Action Plans: 6 Month Review

Over the last number of months, as the playing season gets into full swing, it has offered us an opportunity to take stock of what we have achieved to date through the Mid-year Review that all County HWCs were asked to submit. This exercise not only offers insights into the significant developments we have made, it also identifies a baseline for our work going forward allowing us to progress at a steady and consistent pace across all counties. Before reviewing some of the findings of the Mid-year Report, it is important to thank all those counties that submitted information that has informed this process.  While doing that however it must also be noted that with a little over half of all counties having submitted a report – and this after a number of deadline extensions and considerable efforts on the part of Provincial Health & Wellbeing Committee Chairs – the level of engagement in this process from County HWCs fell short of what is required if we are to continue on the trend we have been to date. From the data that we have managed to obtain a number of key themes did emerge:

  • County HWCs are quite well resourced in terms of numbers of people with 122 people on Committee across 16 counties (the smallest Committee having 4 people) as well as 45 active Health & Wellbeing Tutors.
  • There has been substantial growth in the numbers of Club Health & Wellbeing Officers, with he vast majority of Club HWOs in place having received training
  • Reasonable progress has been made on the adoption of CIRP by counties.
  • Similar progress at club level will clearly take more time and support – something the National HWC are actively exploring. 
  • Similarly, significant work has taken place in training up members in safeTALK but there is still huge room for building more capacity within our clubs
  • Although an objective outstanding from our previous 12-month action plan, there is still considerable work to be done in ensuring all clubs have adopted the Tobacco, Alcohol & Drugs Policy. 

It is fair to say, that the snapshot provided above is only that, and that with more information from all counties some of these figures would no doubt change. It’s also worth pointing out that this data only reflects the work completed in line with the 2015-2016 Action Plans issued to each of you last October and that many counties will have embarked upon their own “off-plan” projects. The last caveat to attach to all of this data is that we are aware of activity within many clubs that has not taken place without engaging County HWCs therefore would not be reflected within the above. That said what is presented does offer an insight into the work we have completed to date, and where our efforts should be focused in the short-, medium- and long-term.

What is more this data may provide counties who, for a variety of reasons, might be struggling with the deliver of some of the actions set out in the 2015-2016 County Health & Wellbeing Committee Action Plan.

Click here to download a copy of an Overview of the 2015-2016 Action Plan Mid-Year Report Liability Insurance for Clubs

At the last meeting of the National Health & Wellbeing Committee the issue of insurance for non GAA activity, one of the issues raised with us most frequently, was discussed. The GAA Risk & Insurance Manager Sinéad Leavy gave a presentation on the situation in terms of insurance throughout the Association and one of the main points to note is the fact that this is not a new issue nor is it confined to the Health & Wellbeing Section and is indeed an Association wide concern. It’s also worth noting that once proper protocols are followed, such as health and safety checks, fully licensed and/or qualified service providers etc., any reasonable request made through the Risk & Insurance Office will in most cases be approved. In order to ensure that all units are equipped with the resources to comply with the necessary insurance protocols, the Risk & Insurance Office is preparing a toolkit that will be posted on the Community & Health website once ready. Click below to view the presentation given to the National HWC by GAA Risk & Insurance Manager, Sinéad Leavy.

Healthy Club Update GAA-Healthy-Clubs

The summer months in the Health & Wellbeing Section offer an opportunity to review what we have done and plan for the future, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot happening behind the scenes. This is the case with the 60 Healthy Clubs nationwide who were all invited to attend the second Provincial Healthy Clubs Forum in their respective provinces held throughout June. These forums provide an opportunity for Healthy Clubs to come together in their province and share experience and knowledge…

Healthy Club Initiatives

Across the 4 provinces clubs were doing phenomenal work in the area of health and wellbeing. The majority of clubs launched their involvement in the project on Lá na gClubanna and the feedback was very positive with some clubs recruiting new members and volunteers.

Recreational Rounders was a huge success on the day and participants gained maximum enjoyment and benefit from their involvement. Teams were made up of men, women and children of all ages and abilities, making it inclusive to everyone in the community. Good Counsel GAA Club, Dublin, had eleven teams with over 100 members from the club and wider community participate on the day.

Recipes for Success is a practical healthy eating programme available exclusively to participating healthy clubs has been a great success and the feedback has been fantastic. To date 21 clubs across the 4 provinces have completed the Recipes for Success workshop. St. Peter’s Warrenpoint, one of the first clubs to become involved in Healthy Clubs, have rolled out Recipes for Success in their club…

Click here to play the video


As expected, there are a number of ongoing challenges we and clubs are experiencing in the first number of months of Healthy Clubs. Things such as attendance at Provincial Forums, engagement on the Healthy Clubs Portal, submission of action plans and local recognition have all been raised with efforts ongoing to try and address them.

Action Plans

Clubs are currently in the process of developing Action Plans covering the period July 2016 to July 2017. This process, similar to the Actions Plans provided to all County HWCs will provide clubs with a road-map of activity, and amongst other things, allow them to better collaborate with ourselves, their respective County HWC, other clubs and partner organisations. Once completed and uploaded onto the Healthy Clubs Portal, they will be compiled and shared with all County HWCs ensuring you are fully aware of what the Healthy Clubs in your county are doing. In the meantime, if you can offer the Healthy Clubs in your county any support in this process such as advice on how to create an action plan or even simply what you are planning within the county that they can tie in with, it would be gratefully received.

Should you have any questions about anything to do with the Healthy Clubs, please contact Aoife at 

Dates for your Diary

  • August 28th: National Health & Wellbeing Theme Day
  • September: County Health & Wellbeing Committee 12 Month Progress Report
  • October 21st: Third Annual County HWC National Forum (accommodation provided as requested)
  • October 22nd: Third Annual Health & Wellbeing Conference


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