FUNdamentals Program

FUNdamentals - Coaches

FUNdamentals - Parents

Primary Schools - Virtual PE

Air Kicks

Ball Rolls

Colour Reactions

Flying Teddy Bear

Reaction Bingo

Stretch Armstrong

Ball Circles

Figure 8's

Sitting Ball Raises

X's & O's

Sock Skittles

Cushion Twists

Ball Press Ups

Wall Sit Balance

Spin The Bottle

Multi Jump Challenge

Head Shoulders Knees & Toes

Two Ball Solo

Tipsy Tower

Stopping Zones

Pyramid Crumble

Grip Jump Forward

Balance Rounds

Break The Crossbar

Blind Shot

Balance Away

Ball Squeeze Challenge

Crab Walks

Frying Tea

Ski Jumps

Teddy Bear Somersaults

Shapes Galore

Crab Kick Bowling

Bottle Yo Yo

Obstacle Course

The Floor Is Lava

Bear Crawl

Saucepan Slalom


Ball & Spatchula

Throw, Twist, Catch

Solo Challenge

Multi Colour Skills Reactions

Bat & Balance

Transport Tower

Transport Tower 2

Shoulder To Shoulder

Heads Up Bounce

Roll Up Roll Up

Bounce Twist Catch

Ball Balance

Body Balance

Fill The Bucket

Knees Up

Star Jumps

Tight Rope Walk

Foot Catch

Ball Drop Shuffles



Toe Pick Ups

Step Ups

Handball Catch

Ball Skittles

Alternate Catches

Throw Up, Get Up

Planking Tennis

Multi Colour Reactions

Balance & Get Up

Toss Up

The Get Up

Quick Sweep

Grip Jump Sideways

Pyramid Building