Leinster Club SFC Record

YearLongford Club ChampionsLeinster Club OpponentStageOutcomeFinal Score
2017Mullinalaghta St. Columba'sEire Óg (Carlow)Round 1Win1-14 v 1-07
Mullinalaghta St. Columba'sSt. Lomans (Westmeath)Quarter FinalLoss1-11 v 1-12
2016Mullinalaghta St. Columba'sStradbally (Laois)Round 1Win1-17 v 2-9
Mullinalaghta St. Columba'sSt. Lomans (Westmeath)Quarter FinalWin0-14 v 1-9
Mullinalaghta St. Columba'sSt. Vincents (Dublin)Semi FinalLoss0-11 v 2-12
2015Killoe Young EmmetsSt. James (Wexford)Round 1Win5-11 v 1-4
Killoe Young EmmetsNavan O'Mahony's (Meath)Quarter FinalWin0-11 v 1-6
Killoe Young EmmetsPortlaoise (Laois)Semi FinalLoss0-11 v 5-12
2014Killoe Young EmmetsGarrycastle (Westmeath)Quarter FinalLoss1-10 v 1-11
2013Longford SlashersRathnew (Wicklow)Round 1Win3-13 v 0-10
Longford SlashersPortlaoise (Laois)Quarter FinalLoss3-07 v 1-15
2012Killoe Young EmmetsSt. Anne’s (Wexford)Round 1Win2-07 v 2-04
Killoe Young EmmetsNavan O’Mahony’s (Meath)Quarter FinalWin2-13 v 0-08
Killoe Young EmmetsPortlaoise (Laois)Semi FinalLoss2-05 v 1-11
2011Longford SlashersGarrycastle (Westmeath)Quarter FinalLoss1-06 v 4-11
2010Longford SlashersGarrycastle (Westmeath)Round 1Loss1-09 v 0-13
2009ClonguishHoreswood (Wexford)Quarter FinalWin2-10 v 0-05
ClonguishGarrycastle (Westmeath)Quarter FinalLoss0-15 v 1-14
2008ColmcilleEire Óg (Carlow)Quarter FinalDraw0-10 v 2-04
ColmcilleEire Óg (Carlow)ReplayLoss0-08 v 0-09
2007DromardMoorefield (Kildare)Quarter FinalDraw1-12 v 1-12
DromardMoorefield (Kildare)ReplayDraw0-12 v 0-12
DromardMoorefield (Kildare)ReplayLoss0-07 v 0-13
2006AbbeylaraTyrrellspass (Westmeath)Round 1Loss1-06 v 1-10
2005DromardEire Óg (Carlow)Round 1Loss0-04 v 0-12
2004ClonguishRhode (Offaly)Round 1Loss0-08 v 3-10
2003ClonguishKillanerin (Wexford)Round 1Win2-05 v 0-06
ClonguishBlackhall Gaels (Meath)Quarter FinalWin1-09 v 1-05
ClonguishSt. Brigid’s (Dublin)Semi FinalLoss3-06 v 2-11
2002BallymahonRathnew (Wicklow)Round 1Loss0-06 v 0-08
2001Fr. Manning GaelsPortarlington (Laois)Round 1Loss1-08 v 1-09
2000AbbeylaraSt. Joseph’s (Laois)Round 1Win0-08 v 0-07
AbbeylaraNa Fianna (Dublin)Quarter FinalLoss1-04 v 1-07
1999DromardRathnew (Wicklow)Round 1Loss1-09 v 2-12
1998Fr. Manning GaelsRhode (Offaly)Round 1Draw0-09 v 2-03
Fr. Manning GaelsRhode (Offaly)ReplayWin0-09 v 0-06
Fr. Manning GaelsClane (Kildare)Quarter FinalWin0-13 v 0-10
Fr. Manning GaelsEire Óg (Carlow)Semi FinalLoss0-09 v 1-07
1997Fr. Manning GaelsStradbally (Laois)Round 1Win1-14 v 1-04
Fr. Manning GaelsStabannon Parnells (Louth)Quarter FinalDraw0-11 v 0-11
Fr. Manning GaelsStabannon Parnells (Louth)ReplayLoss1-10 v 0-16
1996Fr. Manning GaelsRound Towers (Kildare)Round 1Loss1-06 v 2-08
1995Killoe Young EmmetsSt. Mary’s, Ardee (Louth)Round 1Draw1-09 v 1-09
Killoe Young EmmetsSt. Mary’s, Ardee (Louth)ReplayLoss0-08 v 0-09
1994Longford SlashersBaltinglass (Wicklow)Round 1Loss0-10 v 2-11
1993Killoe Young EmmetsEire Óg (Carlow)Round 1Loss2-05 v 2-12
1992MostrimDuffy Rovers (Wexford)Round 1Loss1-05 v 1-10
1991Longford SlashersBaltinglass (Wicklow)Round 1Loss2-03 v 1-08
1990Longford SlashersMullingar (Westmeath)Round 1Loss2-03 v 2-11
1989Longford SlashersGlenmore (Kilkenny)Round 1Win2-08 v 0-06
Longford SlashersBaltinglass (Wicklow)Quarter FinalLoss1-05 v 0-13
1988Killoe Young EmmetsAthlone (Westmeath)Round 1Loss0-07 v 0-11
1987Ardagh, St. Patrick’sParnell’s (Dublin)Round 1Loss0-02 v 0-13
1986CashelSummerhill (Meath)Round 1Loss1-05 v 3-09
1985Cashel (nominated)Edenderry (Offaly)Round 1Loss1-10 v 2-10
1984CashelAthlone (Westmeath)Round 1Win1-07 v 1-06
CashelSt. Vincent’s (Dublin)Quarter FinalLoss0-01 v 0-11
1983CashelRathvilly (Carlow)Round 1Draw0-09 v 1-06
CashelRathvilly (Carlow)ReplayLoss1-03 v 1-06
1982St Mary’s GranardPortlaoise (Laois)Round 1Loss1-02 v 2-18
1981ClonguishNewtown Blues (Louth)Round 1Loss0-03 v 3-05
1980Longford SlashersBaltinglass (Wicklow)Round 1Loss1-10 v 2-10
1979Longford SlashersPortlaoise (Laois)Round 1Loss0-05 v 1-12
1978Ardagh, St. Patrick’s Moate (Westmeath)Round 1Win2-04 v 0-07
Ardagh, St. Patrick’sErin’s Hope (Dublin)Quarter FinalDraw1-08 v 0-11
Ardagh, St. Patrick’sErin’s Hope (Dublin)ReplayLoss1-04 v 0-10
1977CashelTullamore (Offaly)Round 1Draw0-11 v 0-11
CashelTullamore (Offaly)ReplayLoss1-05 v 1-08
1976RathclineMoate (Westmeath)Round 1Loss1-06 v 1-12
1975Longford SlashersRhode (Offaly)Round 1Win2-06 v 1-08
Longford SlashersSt. Joseph’s (Laois)Quarter FinalLoss0-01 v 0-06
1974MostrimFerbane (Offaly)Round 1Loss0-04 v 4-12
1973ClonguishSt. Joseph’s (Laois)Round 1Win2-12 v 2-02
ClonguishTullamore (Offaly)Quarter FinalWin1-06 v 0-07
ClonguishCooley Kickhams (Louth)Semi FinalLoss2-04 v 5-06
1972ClonguishThe Downs (Westmeath)Round 1Loss1-08 v 2-07
1971Longford SlashersCooley Kickhams (Louth)Round 1Loss2-06 v 1-10
1970St Mary’s GranardNewtown Blues (Louth)Round 1Loss1-08 v 1-10

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