Mickey Quinn Player Profile

Name: Mickey QuinnMickey Quinn pic

Age: 26

Occupation: Student Teacher

Club: Emmet Óg

Favourite Position: Full Forward

Finish the sentence, Michael Quinn is… a chocoholic

What boots do you wear: Nike Tiempos

Favourite thing about playing for Longford: Getting to represent your own county and having an influence on how your county is perceived and leaving it in a better place than when I first started.

All time favourite Longford Footballer: Paul Barden

Biggest influence on your sporting life: Parents. Brought me to every training, match meeting etc growing up.

Advice to young players: Enjoy playing whatever sports you play and take different skills from each to help with your chosen sport. You can never learn enough to improve yourself.

Favourite TV programme: Fr. Ted!!!

Favourite Dinner: Love my food! Anything home cooked, love a good steak.

Tell us something most people would not know about you: That I’m a decent cook if I do say so myself!

2 lies and 1 truth:  1. I’ve never won a man of a match in a final

  1. I’m a great singer!
  1. I don’t drink tea…

What do you love about Gaelic Football: The friendships you make throughout your career with players and people from all over the country

What one change would you like made to our game: Interchangeable bench – unlimited subs who can roll on and off throughout the game.

What’s your favourite pre match song: If I lose myself remix – OneRepublic

Which of your team mates is the:

Most craic: Paddy Collum                           Fastest: Conor Shields

Slowest: There are a few contenders!      Most skilful: Francis Mc Gee

Best dress sense: Diarmuid Masterson – knows his stuff

Worst dress sense: Shane Doyle – normally a solid fashion enthusiast but has pulled out some strange ones..!

Hope for the year with Longford: To be consistent in our performances in every game that should help us reach our team goals.

Question from Paddy Collum: If your postal address is the town land of Drumlish (Fr. Manning Gaels Club) why don’t you play for us??? Fun fact for Paddy – I have a Drumlish parish league medal from when I was 10 years old, do you? My address has changed to Bawn Longford a good few years ago (not Drumlish) so Paddy you need to move with the times!

Who do you want to nominate as the next Player to be profiled:  Diarmuid Masterson!

What 1 question do you want to ask of Diarmuid: Who is the worst trainer on the Longford panel?