Paddy Collum Player Profile

Name: Paddy CollumPaddy Collum pic

Age: 23

Occupation: Games Development Administrator

Club: Fr. Manning Gaels

Favourite Position: Goal

Finish the sentence, Paddy Collum is…  one of a kind

What boots do you wear: Adidas Predator

Favourite thing about playing for Longford: Playing week in week out at the top level and doing your best to do your county proud

All time favourite Longford Footballer: Podgie Davis

Biggest influence on your sporting life: Barry Mc Keon for all his encouragement!!!

Advice to young players: Get use to wearing gum shields at training, work hard, practice makes perfect

Favourite TV program: Always Sunny in Philadelphia (introduced to me by Chippy Farrelly)

Favourite Dinner: Chicken Wings in Peter Dillons Bar & Bistro (open Thursday-Sunday)

Tell us something most people would not know about you:

2 lies and 1 truth:    1. I am a coeliac (gluten free diet)

                                         2.I am as good a forward as James Mc Givney

                                         3. I want to play for Dromard

What do you love about Gaelic Football:

Getting chance to represent your county and making new friends

Something most people would not know about you:

I won an All-Ireland Freshers medal with DIT

What one change would you like made to our game:

Hawkeye in every county ground

What’s your favourite pre match song:

Kygo – Stay

Which of your team mates is the:

Most craic: Robbie Smyth        Fastest: Liam Connerton       Slowest: James Mc Givney

Most skilful: Frankie Mc Gee          Best dress sense: Paul Mc Keon

Worst dress sense: Mickey Quinn (he loves the colour red)

Hope for the year with Longford: Stay in Division 3, have a good run in Leinster Championship and be playing football in late July/early August

Who do you want to nominate as the next Player to be profiled: Mickey Quinn!

What 1 question do you want to ask of Mickey:

If your postal address is the townland of Drumlish (Fr. Manning Gaels Club) why don’t you play for us???

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