Coaching: Skills Challenges

The following videos are skills challenges that can be done at home or at training:

Football Complex Skills Challenges

Quick Hands

2 Balls Bounce Catch

Around The World

2 Balls Solo (D Mimnagh)

Tram Tracks (M Quinn)

2 Balls Kicking (D Mimnagh)

Football Alternative Skills Challenges

Flick Up 1 (M Quinn)

2 Balls Wall (M Quinn)

Alt Tennis Ball Throws (M Quinn)

Figure of 8 (M Quinn)

Alternative Wall Kicks (D McElligott)

Flick Up 2 (M Quinn)

3 Balls Wall (M Quinn)

Alt Tennis Ball Throws Demo (M Quinn)

Handpass & Figure 8's (M Quinn)

Bin (D Mimnagh)

Flick Up 3 (M Quinn)

3 Balls Juggle (M Quinn)

Ball Throw Catch (M Quinn)

Penalties (M Quinn)

Juggling with Wall (D Sheridan)

Football General Skills Challenges

Alternate Foot Dummy Solo

Alternate Foot Punt Kick

Alternate Foot Goal Scoring

Alternate Hand Pass

Alternate Foot Pick Up

Standing Jump High Catch

GAA Experts - Skills Challenges

Banana Kick

Partner Hook Kick & Catch

Solo Run

Wall Punt-kick & Catch

Hook Kick & Catch

Fist Pass