The G.A.A National Club Draw


This year, the GAA is introducing a specific draw for all clubs who record, account for and sell a minimum of 200 tickets. The prizes will be provided by the Central Council and will not impact on the value of the prizes which is limited by legislation.

For clubs to qualify for the draw they must have:

  1. Sold a minimum of 200 tickets.
  2. Recorded all sold tickets on the new online ticket recording system.
  3. Accounted for all funds raised in their club accounts – i.e. the amount shown in club income should correspond with the total amount of ticket sales recorded.

The Prizes:

  • A draw will be done per County whereby 1 Club in each County will receive a prize of €1,000.
  • A draw will be done for all Counties whereby 3 Clubs will receive a prize of €5,000.
  • The Club with the highest ticket sales in each Province will receive a prize of €1,000.


  1. Additional ticket requests can be made up until Monday February 1st.
  2. All tickets should be returned to your NCD County Liaison Officer by Monday February 15th.Tickets should not be sent directly to Croke Park.


  1. All sold tickets should be registered on the online ticket recording system before they are returned to your NCD County Liaison Officer. Please note that there is a new online system in place this year.
  2. Full information, terms and conditions, in relation to the Draw including the link to the new online ticket recording system and the relevant support contact details can be found at
  3. Please remember that club’s are not permitted to purchase tickets in their own club name or to give away free tickets for any purposes