Senior Hurling Championship

YearHurling Championship WinnerScoreHurling Championship Runner-UpScore
2020Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)3-10Longford Slashers1-6
2019Clonguish Gaels1-19Longford Slashers0-10
2018Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)1-11Clonguish Gaels0-10
2017Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)2-11Longford Slashers2-10
2016Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)2-15Clonguish Gaels1-5
2015Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)4-11Longford Slashers0-10
2014Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)2-10Clonguish Gaels1-10
2013Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)3-12Clonguish Gaels2-14
2012Clonguish Gaels1-10Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)1-18
2011Final Not Played
2010Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)2-10Clonguish Gaels1-10
2009Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)1-16Clonguish Gaels1-6
2008Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)2-8Clonguish Gaels1-10
2007Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)2-17Slashers Gaels1-17
2006Clonguish Gaels3-15Slashers Gaels4-6
2005Clonguish Gaels3-11Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)3-5
2004Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)1-11Clonguish Gaels0-5
2003Clonguish Gaels3-9Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)1-5
2002Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)0-16Slashers Gaels0-14
2001Slashers Gaels6-11Ballymahon Gaels1-4
2000Slashers Gaels3-13Ballymahon Gaels1-9
1999Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)3-6Slashers Gaels0-7
1998Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)4-9Slashers Gaels0-4
1997Slashers Gaels1-8Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)0-8
1996Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)2-9Slashers Gaels2-6
1995Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)2-10Slashers Gaels0-10
1994Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)2-8Slashers Gaels0-1
1993Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)0-13Slashers Gaels0-5
1992Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)2-6Slashers Gaels1-7
1991Slashers Gaels3-8Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)0-2
1990Slashers Gaels3-8Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)0-5
1989Slashers Gaels1-10Naomh Ciarán (Rathcline)0-4
1988Naomh Ciarán (Rathcline)1-14Slashers Gaels2-10
1987Slashers Gaels3-10Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)0-6
1986Slashers Gaels6-11Bunlahy2-0
1985Naomh Ciarán (Rathcline)2-18Slashers Gaels0-3
1984Slashers Gaels5-9Naomh Ciarán (Rathcline)0-5
1983Slashers GaelsWonNaomh Ciarán (Rathcline)Lost
1982Slashers Gaels2-10Naomh Ciarán (Rathcline)1-6
Note:No Competition from 1935 to 1981
1933Granard - Won by topping league table
Note:No Competition from 1908 to 1931
1907Killoe Young Emmets3-3Longford Leo Caseys0-0
1906No Competition
1905Longford Leo Caseys1-3Killoe Young Emmets1-2
Longford Leo Caseys2-4Killoe Young Emmets0-1

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