Roll of Honour & Titles Table - Rules

Roll of Honour displays championship wins in year-by-year list format with latest year at the top.

Roll of Honour uses the name of each club/team at the time of the championship final, for historical accuracy.

Title Tables show a count of titles won displayed in descending order of quantity won by clubs/teams.

Title Tables allocate titles to clubs / teams and not to parishes or geographic regions.

In Titles Tables, any club formed by the merge or joining of two or more separate clubs into one new club or any club formed to replace more than one previous club (which is no longer in existence) will have titles of the new club kept separate from those of the original individual clubs that preceded it.

In Titles Table, any titles won by temporary combinations or amalgamations are kept separate from titles of the constituent clubs (for historic accuracy and to avoid double-counting).

In Title Tables for Senior, Intermediate & Junior championships, where teams have the same number of titles won, the team with more final appearances is placed ahead in the table.

In Titles Table for U20, Minor, Juvenile and U14 championships, where teams have the same number of titles the team with the most recent title win is placed ahead in the table (insufficient records of championship final appearances do not allow us to fully conclude placement based on number of final appearances).

In Title Tables, the currently applicable club/team name is used where possible. A clarification of names (where multiple names have been used over time) and name changes over time is available in the ‘Club & Team Names’ section of this website.