Updated Code of Behaviour Underage

The GAA are placing a major emphasis on the Code of Behaviour for the commencement of the new Club year and they ask you to do likewise.

Each Club should upload The Code (see link below), without amendment, on to their own Club websites. There is no need whatsoever for a Club to go writing their own Code. The GAA have a Code agreed between each of the Gaelic Games Associations and that is the Code as referred to in rule. If a case is taken regarding a breach of a Club Code as opposed to the Gaelic Games Associations’ Code it cannot be taken as per the guidance for Dealing with Breaches of the Code of Behaviour as that document is drafted  solely in the context of the Gaelic Games Associations’ Code.

The revised Code contains a new legally proofed Child/Youth Membership form, the contents of which Clubs shall use in 2019.

Any changes to the Code during the year will appear on www.gaa.ie through the link below.

GAA Code of Behaviour

A further update will be issued on child safeguarding matters in December 2018.