Coaching Webinars

We use Microsoft Teams to facilitate our webinars. To join one of our webinars just click the relevant link a couple of minutes before the scheduled start time, following these steps:

  • Click “Open Microsoft Teams” or “Join on the web instead”
  • Insert your name if requested
  • Turn off the Camera & Microphone icons (2 small sliders)
  • Click “Join Now”

We would suggest that you trial these steps prior to the webinar you wish to view – there is no problem joining the meeting anytime the link is live to ensure the process works for you and then exit out of it again. (There might be some issues with tablets so use a laptop or computer where possible & headphones will also improve your viewing experience).

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Coaching Cheats - What works well?

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Interview - Padraic Davis

Interview - Paul Devaney

Interview - Gary Sice

Interview - Brendan Maher

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