U13/U14 Football Championship

YearTypeChampionship Winners
2019U14Clonguish Óg
2018U14Killoe Óg
2017U14Club = Killoe Óg
County = Shamrock Gaels
2016U14Club = Longford Slashers
County = Longford Slashers
2015U14Killoe Óg
2014U14Longford Slashers
2013U14Longford Slashers
2012U14Killoe Óg
2011U14Longford Slashers
2010U14Northern Gaels
2009U14Killoe Óg
2008U14Killoe Óg
2007U14Northern Gaels
2006U14St. Vincents
2005U14Northern Gaels
2004U14Longford Slashers
2003U14Northern Gaels
2002U14Southern Gaels
1999U14Lough Forbes Gaels
1998U14St. Michaels
1997U14St. Michaels
1996U14St. Michaels
1994U14St. Michaels
1993U14St. Michaels
1992U14Ballymahon Leo Caseys
1991U14St. Michaels
1990U14St. Michaels
1989U14St. Michaels
1988U14St. Michaels (urban)
St. Francis (rural)
1987U14St. Michaels (urban)
Cuchullains (rural)
1986U14Shannon Gaels (urban)
St. Vincents (rural)
1985U14St. Michaels (urban)
Killashee (rural)
1984U14Granard (urban)
Lough Forbes Gaels (rural)
1983U14St. Michaels (urban)
St. Dominics (rural)
1982U14St. Michaels (urban)
St. Dominics (rural)
1981U14Granard (urban)
Killoe (rural)
1980U14Granard (urban)
Lough Forbes Gaels (rural)
1979U14Wolfe Tones (urban)
St. Francis (rural)
1978U14Shannon Gaels (urban)
St. Francis (rural)
1977U14St. Michaels (urban)
St. Vincents (rural)
1976U14St. Michaels (urban)
Ardagh (rural)
1975U14St. Michaels
1974U14Shannon Gaels
1973U14St. Michaels
1972U14St. Michaels
1971U14St. Michaels
1970U14St. Michaels
1969U14St. Francis
1968U14St. Michaels
1967U14St. Michaels
1966U14Shannon Gaels
1965U14St. Michaels

Note: Competition changed from Under 14 to Under 13 age group from 2021 onward.

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